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For example, the British will say "have you had breakfast this morning," but Americans will often say "did you have breakfast this morning." There is no difference in grammar; the difference is in the fact that Americans often think of the morning as being past history, whereas the British tend to see breakfast as still being part of the day, at least for a longer time than Americans do. Both groups use the past simple to describe things that they perceive to be unconnected with the present, and both groups use the present perfect to describe things that they perceive to be connected with the present. The difference is in the perception, not the grammar.
The present perfect in American English (AE). | Antimoon Forum
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When it comes to typos, go big or go home I say.

Asses to asses.

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If you look at the ingredients list and it’s a bunch of words you don’t even know… neither does your body (x)

Just like if you break apples and grapefruit down into their chemical components, I’m willing to bet that most people wouldn’t recognize the “ingredients” either. It’s a bunch of words you don’t even know:

External image

Don’t use these scare tactics - Chemicals aren’t inherently bad. Literally everything is made up chemicals. Trust me, your body knows what niacin is. It knows how to digest fructose and calcium sulfate. Even if you only consume the most basic and “real” foods that are pulled directly off the vine, you’re still ingesting a series of chemical compounds that you probably can’t pronounce. That’s okay. 

thanks to drhoz for submitting!

“If you can’t pronounce it, it’s bad for you” is literally the worst pseudo-scientific scaremongering bullshit tactic. I hate it so much.

I’m pretty sure you can pronounce “arsenic”, but that doesn’t change the fact that arsenic is highly toxic. On the other hand, you couldn’t pronounce “cycloadenosine monophosphate” or “nicotine-amide-dinucleotide-phosphate”, though both of them serve vital roles in human biochemistry and you would die if your body wouldn’t produce them.

Cyanide: Easy to pronounce, very bad for you.

Eicosapentaenoic acid: Difficult to pronounce, very good for you.

It’s more important to know what the chemicals are and why they’re in there.  Anti-intellectualism helps no one.

– James Kennedy, ‘Chemophobia’ is irrational, harmful – and hard to break

I’m gonna keep reblogging this until my knuckles fall off.

This is especially hilarious because grapefruit is well known for being dangerous for some people because of how it can interact with certain medications. Do fruit loops do that?

“Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.” - Paracelsus

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Artist Hank Schmidt travels to scenic locations only to paint the pattern on his own shirt.

chaotic neutral

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Amsterdam is turning rainbow for a visit of the Russian president Putin. The council of the city of Amsterdam has decided to hang out the gay pride flag on all council owned buildings and offices, in protest to Russia’s new anti-gay law.

there’s several of these as well;


pretty sure Amsterdam is now the sass capital of the world


Really though it was great 


It’s one of those moments in which I do love my country


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Legit rofl

(source: ohmybuster)

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